Do you need a skin lesion looked at or removed?

Which ever doctor you choose here at Blackbutt, they will be very happy to give you thorough skin check. If you need a lesion removed, your own GP may be able to remove it, otherwise Dr Sarah [...]

Do you need an IUD inserted and/or removed?

Do you need an IUD inserted and/or removed? IUD’s are safe, cheap and effective contraception, and work well to control heavy periods. Our doctors can help. There are two female doctors available [...]

Quit Smoking – Preparation is the key!

Set a quit date Set a realistic date to quit and stop completely on that day. Choose a day when you have no events that may make it difficult to avoid smoking, such as a party. It’s also a [...]

Dealing with the Flu

Influenza is caused by a virus. Most people recover after a few days, but in some it can be life-threatening. To avoid influenza, have an annual influenza vaccination. If you have influenza, [...]

Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

Coming to the doctor to talk about depression or anxiety? Talking to your GP about a change in your mental health is a very good place to start to get you on the road to recovery. GPs care for [...]

Don’t Panic About the Pap!

Worried about an abnormal Pap smear result? You are not alone! But I have good news – 90% of abnormal pap smear results are not cancer! Every week I see women who have done the right thing and [...]