Do you need an IUD inserted and/or removed?

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Do you need an IUD inserted and/or removed?

IUD’s are safe, cheap and effective contraception, and work well to control heavy periods.

Our doctors can help. There are two female doctors, Dr Belinda Guest and Dr Sumana Chadalavada who are available to discuss if an IUD is the right choice for you, and insert or remove IUD’s

You need to talk bout the props and cons of an IUD, be checked to see if it is right for you, and get a script for an IUD , before it can be inserted. Dr Belinda or Dr Sumana can do this, or your own GP may do this.

Counselling about the IUD and getting the script for the IUD, and getting it inserted requires two separate appointments.

You need to bring the Mirena or Kyleena IUCD with you on the day of insertion or if you chose a Copper IUD they are available to be purchased through our clinic on the day.

Please call our receptionists if you have any questions or need to make an appointment.

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