Are you suffering from Migraine?

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It’s amazing the number of patients that I see with migraine. They suffer with headaches, never realising they have migraine and that it can be treated! 

So how do I know these people have migraines?

There is no special test for migraine, so it is diagnosed from getting the story from the patient.  A headache diary is a very useful thing to bring to the doctor if you are coming to discuss migraine. 

Some typical features or symptoms of migraine include:

  • Headache that lasts 4 – 72 hours
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Feeling sensitive to light and noise
  • ‘Aura’ – meaning a funny feeling or experience that happens before or at the start of a migraine headache. 

There are many different reasons for why people might suffer with migraines, but the most common triggers are:

  • Emotional stress
  • Hormones in women 
  • Going too long without food
  • Weather changes
  • Sleep disturbance. 

Different people have different triggers. Even exercise and sex are triggers for some people!  It is important if you have regular or troubling headaches whether you have migraine or not.  If you suffer from regular migraines, this can be reduced by taking a preventer.  Also your doctor can prescribe a reliever medication, that can make the migraine stop if you take it early enough in the attack. 

Migraine is a common condition, affecting 12% of individuals.  Your GP would love to help you get the diagnosis, and the correct treatment to minimise the effect of migraine on sufferers, so if you have a recurrent troubling headache, do go see your GP.

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