Cancer is a word that terrifies most people

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I see many patients each week who are terrified that a certain symptom may mean they have cancer, and the current trend of self-diagnosis and Dr Google isn’t helping – if you google any medical complaint, the top diagnosis is likely to be cancer!  
So how do you know if your problem is worrying and could potentially be cancer?
Here are some symptoms of common cancers, but remember theses symptoms can be caused by many harmless, natural body changes also! 
If you have a worrying symptom from the list below, don’t worry at home, come in and see your GP for a real diagnosis:
  • Skin cancer – a sore on the skin that won’t heal, a skin freckle or mole that is changing, getting larger, darker, or has a sore on it, or keeps bleeding, itches or is painful. A new lump or bump on the skin.
  • Bowel cancer – passing blood, change in bowel habit, with new diarrhoea, constipation, or both, frequent gas, pain, and cramps, or feeling that bowel does not empty completely, rectal/anal pain or lump, bloating or fullness in the stomach or having anaemia with no obvious cause (for further information visit:
  • Breast cancer – a new breast lump, a new skin change on the breast or nipple, discharge or bleeding form the nipple, a change in the nipple shape, pain in the breast, or a change in the size and shape of any part of the breast (for further information visit:
  • Blood and lymphatic cancer (for example, lymphoma, leukaemia) – lymph nodes being up persistently, easy bleeding or bruising, feeling tired, feeling breathless, itching, any new lump (for more information visit:
  • Ovarian Cancer – abdominal bloating, pelvic pain, painful sex, vaginal bleeding after menopause, periods becoming irregular, or bleeding between periods, new problems with urination, including urinary incontinence or constantly feeling like you need to urinate, feeling full easily at meals, indigestion or heart burn (for more information visit:
  • Lung Cancer – cough that does not go away, coughing up blood, feeling short of breath, chest pain, hoarse voice (for more information visit:
Cancer symptoms that can come with any sort of cancer include:
  • A persistent pain that continues even at night and when trying to lie down and rest
  • Fever, with no explanation
  • Fatigue
  • Losing weight when you are not dieting
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms visit your GP, a quick diagnosis can assist hugely with recovery and hopefully put your mind at ease that it isn’t as serious as what you mind think.
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