Increased Precautions for COVID 19 at Blackbutt Doctors Surgery

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The NSW government has issued an Amber Alert today for COVID-19 in our state. This means that there is a moderately increased risk of catching COVID 19 in our community at this time.

In light of this update, we have to make some adjustment to the way our practice operates again to keep our patients and staff safe. Here is a list of the precautions we are taking at Blackbutt Doctors Surgery to keep our community well:

  • Everyone entering the surgery, who is over 12 years of age, must wear a face mask at all time. If you have your own, please bring it, otherwise we are issuing them at the door on arrival.
  • Temperature and symptom checks will be made on arrival. Please do not lie about your symptoms. If you doctor becomes ill, they will not be able to help you when you need them. If you have symptoms, we will not allow you in the practice, but we WILL look after you and meet your medical needs anyway.
  • Our Blue “symptomatic” and Orange” asymptomatic” clinics are still in effect. You will not be invited to be reviewed in the blue clinic if you have respiratory symptoms unless you have a recent negative COVID test.
  • All appointments are limited to 15 minutes or less. Certain appointment types will not be available during the period of amber alert, due to the heightened risk of spreading infection.
  • All patients with immune compromise, over the age of 65 years, or with any infectious symptoms are encouraged to book our bulk billed telehealth appointments for review, rather than come into the surgery.


We are open and here to care for you – please protect this service and our brave staff by doing the right thing.

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