Blackbutt Doctors are able to reduce COVID-19 precautions from Monday 1st September.

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Well done Newcastle! Great work containing COVID19!

Due to no documented current local spread, from Monday 1st September, Blackbutt Doctors is again able to reduce precautions.

Read on for what has changed:

  • Appointments will no longer be limited to 15 minutes.
  • Some non urgent tasks, such ear syringing, routine ECG and skin checks, are again being offered.
  • We are still offering telehealth, but if you are well, we prefer you do come in.
  • However, if you have any respiratory symptoms, fever, are awaiting the results of a COVID test or have been directed to self isolate, please do not come in, use a telehealth appointment.
  • Blue and Orange Clinic are operating unchanged.
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