The COVID-19 Vaccine has started its rollout in Australia

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The first dose of the COVID-19 Vaccination was administered in Australia yesterday! 

We are happy to hear that the Government’s COVID-19 Vaccination National Plan has officially kicked off with the first doses administered to Australians yesterday.

COVID-19 vaccines will be free for everyone living in Australia and you will not need a prescription from a GP to get vaccinated.

At this stage, only selected at risk and high priority groups are being vaccinated, as the Government begins to roll the vaccine out in a staged approach across the country. The first people to get the vaccine will be those who have the highest risk of being exposed to COVID-19.These people include:

  • People working in quarantine facilities
  • Healthcare workers working in locations with a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19, such as COVID-19 clinic workers, emergency department workers, NSW Ambulance clinical workforce including patient transport workers, COVID ward workers, critical care workers including support staff and COVID pathology lab staff.
The vaccine will then be offered to other priority groups, for more information about the COVID-19 national rollout phases check out this link:
Other COVID-19 vaccines for use in Australia are being reviewed and, if approved, are expected to be available to priority groups through general practice after the first phase of the rollout has begun. 
So here’s what we need you to do to make sure that we can contact you quickly and easily when it’s your turn to be vaccinated:
  1. Make sure that your contact details (mobile phone number and email) are correct and up to date on the AMS App.
  2. If you don’t have the AMS on your phone, you can download it and set up your account via the Appointments page on our website and by following the prompts to download the app:
  3. Blackbutt will contact you directly via SMS or Email when you are eligible to receive the vaccine and we have available stock to administer it at our practice. Please do not contact us to find out when you will be able to receive the vaccine.
  4. Once you have received the vaccine, you can obtain your vaccination certificate by downloading the Express Plus Medicare App – we will not be printing out and giving these certificates to patients. For more information check out this link: Get ready for your COVID-19 vaccinations – Services Australia
  5. Review our website and/or Facebook page regularly for the latest information and updates.
We are sure you have a lot of questions about how to get the vaccine and when it will be available locally, and we’ll be posting regularly over the next few months to make sure our community has the most relevant and up to date information available.
So stay tuned!
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