Can I get a script or referral without seeing a doctor?

We do offer a system called Ozdocs online which is a means for you to request these without seeing the Doctor for a small fee. Given your Doctors is registered to use the system you can request repeat scripts, repeat referrals and test results for a small fee. Our receptionists can set you up for this over the phone or in person at reception.

If your Doctor does not use this system we do offer a swift clinic appointment which is a short appointment available at certain times each day for repeat referrals and repeat scripts.

This type of appointment is short in length therefore incurs a smaller fee than a standard consultation.

Do the doctors speak fluent English?

Yes, whilst some of our Doctors are of different nationalities ALL of our doctors speak fluent English.

Do you bulk bill?

At Blackbutt Doctors surgery we do not bulk bill. We do offer a discount price for all healthcare and pension card holders.

Do you send the billing off to Medicare so that I can get an automatic rebate into my account?

As long as Medicare have your correct bank details we can send the billing to them electronically and the rebate will go into your account in only 48 hours.

Will I be charged a Non Cancellation Fee?

If you will not be able to make it to your booked appointment, please let us know as soon as possible by calling the practice. This allows us to offer your appointment to another patient. Failure to cancel your appointment with your GP within 4 hours of the booked time may result in a $42 non-cancellation fee. Failure to cancel within 24 hours of the booked time for Dr Seshu Mandapati will result in a $100 non-cancellation fee.

How do I get my test results?

There are several ways you can get your test results.

If your results are normal, and you do not need to do anything, we will not contact you. In this case, if you want to check on your results, you have the following options:

  1. Make a follow up appointment to discuss results with your doctor.
  2. Request your results using a secure online portal, Ozdocs Online. The cost for this is $10. Ask reception if you want to set up an Ozdocs Online account so that you can e-mail your doctor, and receive results by e-mail.
  3. Ask your doctor at the time of consultation to have a copy of your results posted to yourself. A paper copy of your results will come to your address in 1 week.
  4. Call for your results. A receptionist or nurse will then return your call at the times listed on this brochure. As you can appreciate, our staff are very busy. If your result is normal, we will call you once only. We are not able to leave a message with your results due to confidentiality reasons.

If your results are abnormal, you may:

  1. Be contacted by our receptionist to make a follow up appointment. Please note, we are not able to counsel you about results on the telephone.
  2. Be called by our nurses to make a follow up appointment, or be given some instructions that have been given by your doctor. Please ensure you attend the appointment with your doctor to discuss your results.
  3. Receive your results on Ozdocs Online, if you request them, with a comment from your doctor.

Some tests are different:

  1. Pap smear results are given via a phone call from the surgery approximately 2 weeks after you have your test. If you do not receive your test result within 2 weeks of having it, please call us.
  2. Tests for sexually transmitted diseases are handled in the following way: If you have an STD test, you must make an appointment to get the result with our nurses 2 weeks after you take the test. Please make this appointment when you leave the surgery on the day the test is ordered. There is no fee to get STD test results with the nurse. However if you need to see the doctor regarding your test, this will incur a consultation fee.

We will only give results to the patient, not to others. This applies to all patients over 15 years of age. If you wish us to give your result to another person, you need to make sure the doctor knows this at the time of the consult and records it in your notes. For more information, see our privacy policy.