Medical Checkups

In addition to the government sponsored health checkups for those aged between 45-49 and over 75, we believe that prevention is the best approach to maintaining good health. The doctors at Health Care are available to discuss and advise on any issues relating to improving your health, whether this is giving up smoking, reducing weight, immunisations, or other problems. If medically, indicated a checkup can involve measuring blood pressure, assessing cardiovascular risk, and blood tests.

Women's Health

We have experienced GPs and nurses for caring for women in every stage of their life. For options for heavy periods for teenage girls, to how to manage menopause and everything in between, we have you covered. Our GPs are experienced in contraceptive advice, pap smears and antenatal and post natal care . We have GPs who insert and remove Implanons and Mirena IUDs, and our service is supported by Dr Seshu Mandapati who provides private obstetric and gynecology services from our rooms each Friday.

Men's Health

Many men neglect their own health because of work pressures. We understand this and we would encourage men to periodically perform a health review. The GPs at Blackbutt are all experienced in the area of men’s health and are available to discuss general health issues as well as the more specific prostate and sexual issues.

Children’s health

The doctors at have extensive experience in paediatrics and can provide comprehensive care for all of your child’s health and medical needs. This may include baby checks, monitoring of growth and development, immunisations, management of minor injuries and general medical problems. We have a range of toys and play area to occupy your child in the waiting room.


Our general practice services include: consultations, immunisations, minor surgical procedures, skin cancer detection, chronic illness management, antenatal care, travel medicine, pre-employment medicals, home visits, counseling, weight control, nutrition advice, Warfarin monitoring and after hours services.

Flu & Pneumococcal

Flu vaccinations are available at the practice from March for the winter season. Flu vaccinations are provided free of charge to patients aged 65 and above as part of the Government vaccination program. We provide flu vaccinations at a cost to other patients. We also stock pneumococcal vaccinations which are provided free of cost to patients aged 65 and over – these are given twice, five years apart.

Minor Surgery

All doctors at Blackbutt perform minor surgery. This will mainly involve procedures such as stitching lacerations, removing suspicious skin lesions, draining abscesses, excision of cysts etc. We also insert IUDs and hormonal implants such as Implanon.

Antenatal Care

Our doctors do shared antenatal care with the John Hunter, Maitland and Belmont Hospitals. Our doctors can also provide referrals for private obstetric care.

Home Visits

Home visits are available to registered patients of the practice by discretion of the doctors. Please call reception to arrange. Home visits are conducted during normal surgery opening hours.

GP Enhanced Care Plans

For patients with chronic medical conditions, your GP is able to put in place an individual management plan. This plan allows all members of the health team caring for a patient to be aware of all issues and needs that a patient may have. It encourages a consistent, team centred approach to management of chronic conditions. This team may involve specialists and allied health practitioners, eg. physiotherapists, podiatrists.

Those patients who have a current GP Management plan are then able to receive rebates from Medicare when they see an allied health practitioner.

Health Assessments

Health assessments for patients aged 75 and over
In order to provide better care to the elderly, the government is encouraging annual health check ups in those aged 75 and over. We provide this service as part of our routine care and the focus is on early detection of problems and prevention.
Health checkups for patients aged 45-49
In line with a Government initiative, we provide preventative health checkups for patients aged between 45 and 49 where there is a risk factor for significant disease. Such risk factors may include a history of smoking, excessive weight, high cholesterol, a family history of heart disease or diabetes.

GP Mental Health Plans

For patients with mental health disorders, your GP is able to create an individual management plan. This plan allows access to Medicare-rebatable services by registered psychologists and clinical psychologists.

Travel Medicine

The GPs at Blackbutt can provide you with advice regarding overseas travel. We stock most of the required travel vaccinations which are provided at a fee. Please discuss your specific requirements with your doctor. Please be aware that some immunisations require multiple vaccinations over a period of time and you may need to plan these well in advance of your travel.