Important Announcement: As of Monday 28th November 2022, our books will be closed to new* patients. Apologies for any inconvenience.
*Excludes newborn babies of existing patients.

Quality Healthcare Made Simple

Accessing reliable, evidence-based medical advice and support shouldn’t be difficult. At Blackbutt Doctors we partner with our patients on their health journey to make it as simple as possible for them to live their best lives.

If you are looking to register as a New Patient at Blackbutt Doctors Surgery, please follow these steps:



New Patients can register online via our website, over the phone by our reception staff, or face to face at the surgery. To enrol as a new patient on our website, simply follow the prompts to book an appointment and when asked if you have visited the surgery before, select “No”. You will then be presented with our new patient enrolment form to complete online prior to booking your first appointment.



Once you have registered as a New Patient you will be able to book your first appointment. We have a range of different New Patient Appointments for you to choose from based on your details. Please note that only some of our Doctors books are open and taking on new patients so you will need to select from the available Doctors for your appointment, or you can simply choose to be booked with the next available. You will not be able to book a Nurse appointment for your first visit, however you will be seen by one of our practice nurses before your doctor at your first appointment to collect some medical information, and to have your observations attended.

How to choose the correct New Patient Appointment type:

  • First appointments for newborn babies should choose appointment type “Newborn first visit”. This is a 30-minute appointment which allows plenty of time to examine the baby and answer all of mum and dads’ questions. Please note that all of our Doctors will accept newborn first visit appointments for children of their existing patients.
  • Children under 16 years can book a new patient appointment by selecting the “New Patient – 16 years and less” appointment type. This has a duration of 15 minutes.
  • All other patients should choose the appointment type “New Patient – over 16 years”. This has a duration of 30 minutes.  If you do not require the full 30 minutes, you will only be charged for the time used in your appointment. However, it is necessary in your first appointment to set aside this time for your doctor to get to know your medical history, current issues, and treatment needs.


Once you have booked your first appointment you will receive a confirmation text to confirm your appointment details and a call from one of our reception staff to check your personal details have been recorded correctly and answer any questions you may have.

You will be emailed out our New Patient Information Pack which contains important details about our surgery, policies and procedures, appointment fees and additional consent forms. This email will also advise you if we were not able to contact you by phone prior to your appointment, if we do not a receive a reply to the confirmation sent out ahead of your first appointment, your new patient appointment may be cancelled.



New patients will receive an automatically generated satisfaction questionnaire after their first appointment and then 6 months later to gather feedback on your experience at Blackbutt Doctors Surgery in order to constantly improve our service and support offering.

Completing your New Patient Registration online makes sure your patient file is populated with all the appropriate information prior to you arriving at the surgery for your appointment. This reduces your time in the waiting room and helps us to run on time without delays.

We do have printed and digital forms available at the surgery for those are unable to or don’t wish to fill out their new patient registration forms prior to their appointment day.