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    COVID19 update from Dr Belinda – I am still seeing patients and offering all services but am trying to support people to stay home and stay safe during the pandemic. It is also important that our waiting room remains a safe place. For that reason I ask all my patients to please book a video consultation (Telehealth) or telephone consultation and then I can then arrange to see you in person if that is necessary.

    Dr Belinda works 3 days a week at Blackbutt and will be available to see you face to face Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings. She juggles work with being the Mum of 2 very busy boys which combined with her past experience in Paediatrics means she has plenty of knowledge and patience to help you with any concerns about your child.

    She has extensive experience in Women’s Health, having previously worked at Family Planning for over 10 years and now offers insertions of IUDs (Mirena, Kyleena & Copper) as well as Implanon insertion at the surgery. She’s also enjoys in working with people to improve their mental health in a holistic way, including managing a range of Eating Disorders.

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