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Days: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat

    Our little bundle of love and energy, Rochelle is a life long Novocastrian, who lives just around the corner from our Blackbutt surgery, with her beautiful girls. She was born, bred and trained here, went away to Sydney for a few years, saw sense and came back.

    She has extensive experience in surgery, procedures and anesthetics, and loves to use them as she can in our rooms! We think she knows every surgeon, anesthetist and hospital doctor in Newcastle……so if you need a referral for a procedure, she knows how to get it done!

    Rochelle also likes to sink her teeth into medical puzzles, and look after people with multiple complicated problems. Please come and wear her out for us……this busy mum is making the rest of us look slow in comparison!

    Working Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Alternating Saturdays

    Dr Peter BiltonDr Ruth Larkin